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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Take Three Thursday : Winter Sky

I have just made it still in Thursday to join Mary-Lou in her Thursday meme where you capture three pictures of what you have noticed.
It's been a glorious if not rather cold day and most of the time I was indoors helping with the lunch club. Thank goodness for the days getting longer because I got home in time to walk Poppy while it was still light. 
The sun was just beginning to go behind the trees and hedge but I caught these on my phone of the lovely sky and the tree silhouettes.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A Sense of History

My December walk with my walking group was around some of the historic parts of Bristol. I have chosen some of the sights that we passed as possible options for No. 16 A Sense of History in the Winter photo hunt. One of our first stops was The Exchange in Corn St. Once a busy corn exchange and now part of St Nicholas Market. Outside are some of the original 'nails' where merchants carried out their business. The pillars had edges to the tables to prevent coins rolling off. Deals were closed by payments on the nails. 

We also passed one of the oldest taverns in Bristol. The Llandoger Trow was built in 1664.

This fish restaurant was originally a granary on the harbourside built in 1869 in what is known as the Bristol Byzantine style. It has also been a nightclub in the 70's and 80's. It remains quite a striking building.

Lastly the replica of John Cabot's Mathew outlines the far more modern Big Wheel in the background.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

A Few Options for the Photo Hunt

I have been very slow getting going with the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt. I did however manage a couple at the Aerospace Museum. 

No. 2 Luggage 
This cross section of a plane doesn't have any passengers but it does have the luggage!

No. 25 A Peek Inside 
There were several cockpits on view to peep into to give a feel of being the pilot. 

Friday, 12 January 2018

A Final Resting Place

It was on the 24th October 2003 that we joined many Bristolians in watching Concorde's final flight as it swept over the city before landing at Filton in North Bristol, the British home of Concorde. She made a sweep over Bristol airport flying straight past our farm. Both of the girls were young pupils at the local primary school and clearly remember standing in the playground as she flew above the school. When I was just a little older than them I recall seeing Concorde on test flights out of Filton sweeping over Bath always recognisable by its nose. Many of us will also remember the daily 9pm boom as Concorde flew over on it's return to Heathrow.
Concorde then sat on the concrete at Filton for 14 years whilst it's future was secured. It now stands in it's own purpose built hangar and is the pride and joy of the newly founded Bristol Aerospace Museum. Yesterday we made a visit to see this wonderful icon of Bristol.

It is quite momentous to be able to walk under such a piece of machinery.

It is possible to see the plane from every angle.

We were also able to step inside, to see in the cockpit and walk up through the plane. 

We all agreed that it seemed very small inside. 

Should you be passing through North Bristol it is well worth a stop for a visit.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

On into the New Year

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. We saw the New Year in with our usual group of friends. It was touch and go as to whether we would join them as we have both had what seems to be known locally as 'The Lurgy ' basically a nasty cold and cough. The girls both decided against their New Year parties as they too were brewing the bug. 
New Year's Day found us out on our normal New Year walk. A good way to blow away the cobwebs. This year we walked up onto Felton Common where you can literally stand directly under the flight path for Bristol Airport just across the road from the start of the runway. It's a great pass time waiting for the planes.

Then watching them pass directly over head.

The airport has developed a lot in the last few years. The road has also been moved over. When I first came to live out this way there were traffic lights to stop the road traffic when a plane was landing.
Sadly more extension is planned.
Poppy also enjoyed her walk on the common and took no notice of the planes. She met quite a few other dogs which was quite a novel experience for her.

So now to my resolutions for 2018? I would certainly like to put some effort into starting blogging every day again. The perhaps to catch up on all those jobs I have been putting off. Let's see how long that lasts!