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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Vintage Items

Last week my brother and I helped mum with a bit of a clear out. There was one curious item that we found in the cellar. I know mum won't be enthralled that we considered it "vintage". I have subsequently asked quite a few people if they know what it is. Nobody has come up with the correct answer without some prompting. I only know because mum told me what it is. Do you have any idea?

I look forward to your answers.
One other item that we found was a water bottle from their cycling days. Interestingly repro copies of this are still made.


  1. I know exactly what that is, don't you remember it in use on holiday? I won't spoil the fun.

    And Mum's lovely aluminum cycling bottle - very 'retro'!

  2. I have no idea what it is so am guessing at some sort of fly trap?

    1. My second guess, based on your siater's comment is that it is something used when camping. Maybe a fire or candle guard or perhaps to do with cooking. The clip things on the side remind me of an ancient toaster that my granny had.

  3. I will guess it is like a fire guard for a big candle to provide a non electric night light

  4. I dunno... I think the holes are too small to keep a candle alight - it would be deprived of oxygen. So maybe something to do with cooking. I'll sleep on it!

  5. I'm thinking fly catcher too. Funny, we had a discussion about metal water bottles here at the weekend. TNSSO's boyfriend wanted one to take on stage with him, but discovered the one he wanted was £30 so he's sticking to plastic!

  6. To me it looks like it will cook toast ...