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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Cercis siliquastrum

One of the things I remembered from my previous walk around Frampton on Severn was one of the trees in the churchyard dangling over the path. It also meant that we did this walk at a similar time of year as the blossom was at the same stage.
The walk to the church took us through the lych gate at the far end of the village green.

There is then a fair walk through the Horsechestnut trees to reach the church.

Then as you turn the corner you reach the Judas Tree.

Cercis siliquastrum as it's proper name is has heart shaped leaves and flowers growing directly on the branches. It makes a fabulous sight.

There are several reasons why it is known as the Judas tree. One of these being that it was this kind of tree was the variety in which Judas was reputed to have died.

Further along on the walk we passed a series of lakes.

It was while we standing admiring this view that the swan became a matter for debate.

It was suggested that the swan was not real but a model. It took a peep through binoculars to confirm that he was indeed a dummy and even had a joint on its neck!


  1. Lovely old church gate. I bet that's seen many a wedding couple pose beneath its roof! Interesting tree. I've just looked it up - will have to keep my eyes open to see if I come across one.

  2. I've never heard (or seen) a Judas tree before. How lovely! Your walking group certainly has wonderful places to visit!

  3. A dummy swan! That's clever (and well spotted..)