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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Take Three Thursday: Stars

 It is interesting having visited New Zealand and then Prague quite soon afterwards to contrast the difference from a very new civilisation to a much older one. Today I am joining Mary Lou with her meme where you show 3 photos following a theme. I have chosen 3 stars that depict two old orders in Prague.
The first is the religious order The Knights of the Cross with the Red Star which can trace it's origins back to 1233 and is situated by the Charles Bridge. The cross can be seen on the building from the bridge and the river.

It is also to be seen within the building in the floor tiles.

The other order is situated on the other side of the river. The Order of Malta ipalso has origins in Prague in the 12th Century. Their star can been seen here depicted on the Church of Our Lady beneath the Chain of the End of the Bridge (quite a mouth full for the name of a church).


  1. What an interesting threesome today. Such beautiful architecture in Prague. Thanks again for joining in.

  2. Beautiful; I especially like the middle one!

  3. A really interesting choice for a "three". And it's lovely to see pictures of Prague, where our girl was in the summer (apparently not many of her photos were for parental consumption..)

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  5. Second attempt - Prague must have a fascinating history and I realize that I know very little of it!