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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Raindrops Keep Falling!

One thing that there has certainly been plenty of is raindrops which shouldn't make it difficult to find  item No. 2 on Eileen's Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt.
We saw our fair share of rain when we were on South Island in New Zealand and I have the raindrops on the lens to prove it.

Our visit to Larnach Castle gardens was directly after rain and the raindrops were still settled on the leaves.

Yesterday I found a few drops still clinging to the trees.

I think this last tree needs a hanky..


  1. Nice selection. I keep forgetting every time there is rain, and when there isn't I remember! Must do better...

  2. Ooh, raindrops on the camera: always a little scary! Please take it as a compliment if I say these are indeed very wet looking pictures

  3. I always worry about rain on my camera. Great shots.