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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Little Sprinkling

When I look at the posts that Mary-Lou has recently published showing the amount of snow they have had recently I would say that we really have had NOTHING! Nevertheless when we woke the other day there had been a dusting of snow.  I am quite aware that I haven't had a chance to get a really good photo for Eileen's photo hunt for No. 10 Winter Weather. I have some pretty good excuses such as I was too busy leading up to Christmas then we were away and then it has been too grey since...
So out I went before it was all gone. There was more wet snow coming down which was having the effect of melting the snow that had pitched. 
So here are a few possibilities.

The crocuses ( or croci if you prefer) looked pretty miserable but gave a splash of colour.

The polyanthus didn't look any happier!

For us business went on as usual.

Nearby the birds were very busy on the feeders and the bird table.

So that could be No 19 completed as well. A bird table or bird feeder. I think I might keep working on that one.


  1. Oh yes, Mary-Lou's snow is really epic. We've got off lightly this year (so far!) I drove up to Northants last weekend and it snowed all the way but nothing really worth getting excited about - just annoying really! I like your birdfeeder pics - I need to improve on mine!

  2. Our weather is much more like Mary-Lou's than yours, I'm sorry to say. Your photos, however, are lovely---as always.

  3. Oh please ladies no comparisons ... snow is snow & can be both pretty & awful at the same time. Our Maritime provinces (& for Karen the New England states) have all had far more snow than us ... I shivered along with your polyanthus photo.