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Friday, 10 April 2015

In Go the Seed Potatoes

At the end of March I showed the ground being prepared for the potatoes. You can see that post here. The groups now warmer and drier and they have had been able to finish the process of planting. The beds have been formed and today the laborious task of removing the stones has finished.

The stone separator takes half an hour to complete each row throwing the stones out to the side.

The seed potatoes can then be planted and covered with a ridge as can be seen below. The flat bed on the left and the planted ridge on the right (slightly wobbly!)

Some rain will be needed once they are all planted to start the growing process.


  1. Great pics - love the contrast between the field grass and the ploughed earth

  2. Such wonderful colours in this set of pictures. I loved seeing who it's done.