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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunflower Success

Success is not something I can claim over growing Sunflowers this year. My seedlings started out well and were very healthy when I planted them. I chose a different variety this year from Sutton seeds called Ruby Sunset. I knew they were a smaller flower but they have proved to be pretty scruffy.

The flowers themselves are okay. They are not supposed to be very big.

The plants themselves are very sparse or have been completely destroyed by those little delights the slugs and snails.

Meanwhile my brother in law in his vegetable garden next door doesn't seem to have had the same trouble.

They are obviously a different variety and I believe some have self seeded but they are prolific.

And very tall too!

Is this one deep in thought?

Another variety was doing well at Lacock Abbey.

I shall be trying a different one next year and war on the slugs will be declared!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Tripping on the River

My walk and talk group had their summer outing yesterday and we chose a really sunny day. Our trip started on the Bristol dockside.

Plenty of people were enjoying the improvement in the weather.

The Bristol dockside area has undergone extensive regeneration over the last few decades. It is a mixture of an industrial history and considerable modern building.

Regular boat trips are available. There is a water taxi service all around the docks then there are various trips. There were 3 outings waiting to start when we arrived and there was an element of muddle and confusion as the 3 different groups waited to board. There was a 3/4 hour tour around the docks, a 3 hour tour out along the Avon Gorge and then ours.

Thankfully we managed to board the correct vessel.We were heading on an hour trip up the river to Bees Tea Gardens for lunch. We started with a guided tour around the docks. Many Bristol landmarks can be spotted from the water including Cabot Tower

and St Mary Redcliffe Church which was declared by Queen Elizabeth 1 as "the fairest, goodliest and most famous parish church in England".

There are also an eclectic mix of boats to be seen.

This extends to the sailors too.

Many of the warehouses that back onto the river and were a central part of a busy port have been renovated and converted to apartments and offices. The further out of Bristol you go however the more neglected they are.


We eventually passed out through the locks into the River Avon itself.

It was then a leisurely trip up stream for lunch before returning to our starting point.

Our lunch venue Bee's tea gardens are situated on the riverbank. Most of the clients arrive by boat either on trips or by travelling across the river by a boat shuttle from the other bank. The tea rooms are quick and efficient but you do get the feeling that the food has been sat waiting for you! 
Nevertheless it was a very pleasant day out.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Short Story : Love

Today I am joining in again with Miriam's  short story of six words with one photo. This week the word is love.

An update on Miriam is that she has had her op so hopefully we will see her back with us soon.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Agapanthus Stages

I have followed the progression of the agapanthus outside our conservatory.

I thought originally that it would be a subject for Helena's Snap until I collected too many photos. I wouldn't be one to bend the rules. The angle and flower does change due to the difficulty of getting in the right position to capture them. They moved outwards as they opened!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Snap: Pretty Pink

Another Wednesday has come whizzing round. So it's time for Helena's Snap. This week I have chosen some beautiful pink flowers.

1. This delightful hollyhock was in the garden at Barrington Court. I wish I could grow some like this!

2. This poppy was from the same location.

3. I do like a plant that tells a story. This mystery plant I bought at a craft sale in St Merryn Village Hall in Cornwall. We had wandered in after a rather wet walk. It was the Queen's jubilee week and we had parked our car at Trevose Lighthouse and walked to St Merryn where we were staying. It had a label by it when I bought it but didn't write it down. I have kept it in a pot and it flowers every year without fail!

4. I bought this pretty scabious last year. I kept it in a pot until this spring and the moment it is doing well.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Too Wet for the Combine Harvester

What does a farmer do with his evenings while he is waiting for the weather to improve to cut the wheat?
Put the kettle on, get out the home made short bread and plan his holiday of a lifetime!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Memorandum Monday: Journeys

Monday is here again and it's a big hi to Sian and all the other Monday bloggers. It's time to think about what's new around here or what we have learnt over the weekend. I am stretching the weekend back to Thursday which for our family and for many families around the country was a landmark day. Our youngest received her A Levels results at the crack of dawn. The email arrived at 6am and despite her achieving in my opinion great results there followed two hours of tears, worry and anxiety until UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service) reopened its website. This soon changed to jubilation when she then discovered that her first choice university had accepted her.


So off she will go on her new journey in life along with all her friends who also have their preferred choice. Good luck to them all.
Talking of journeys, we have a family tradition of following any family member who is traveling with a map on the kitchen wall. I have used the most recent pinned journey and some of the photos younger daughter sent us of her trip around Europe to fulfill another item for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt, No 16 A map showing a trip taken during the time period. 


So whose journey will be on the kitchen wall next? Well the news here is that it's likely to be the farmer and I off next! Not quite yet but I have something to plan as the nights draw in and to keep my mind off our little girl settling into university. So what guide books have I got out?


So watch out Auntie Vicky. It looks like we will be coming your way. I have only waited more than 35 years for this!