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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Wind Power

When I first read the list for the Summertime Photography Hunt created by Mary-Lou I visualised what I would like to photograph for No. 23 Something Powered by Wind. Somerset is not over blessed with windmills but there is one that I very occasionally pass. I did have a back up plan with this children's windmill in my niece's garden.

Yesterday I popped down to the village of Wedmore in search of an outfit for the forthcoming wedding. I made a small detour to drive through Chapel Allerton where I knew I would find this windmill.

Ashton Windmill which stands on  a ridge on the Somerset levels known as The Isle of Wedmore is in an ideal position to catch the wind from all directions.

There has been a windmill here since as early as 1317. The present tower is at least 200 years old and was a flour mill until 1927. 

The windmill has been extensively restored in recent years. The most recent addition has been new sails. It is maintained by the local council Sedgemoor and is open most weekends in the summer manned by volunteers. The workings are still inside but not usable. I shall have to return when it is open.

My shopping trip incidentally was successful.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Unusual Vegetables

We were quite impressed with the array of vegetables being grown in the kitchen gardens at Tyntesfield. The greenhouses had a variety of peppers and chillies.

There was also quite a selection of aubergines.

The name eggplant means a little more when you see this one.

Across the way the walled garden is looking good.

These onions are ready to use.

The chard gave a rainbow of colour.

Even the courgette leaves blended in.

We weren't quite sure why these pumpkins were labelled like this.

It looks like there will be plenty of choice of vegetables in the restaurant this Autumn and some tasty soup too!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Take Three Thursday: Garden Features

I am joining Mary-Lou with her weekly meme where you post three photos with a theme that you have noticed in the last week. I made a visit to the National Trust garden Nymans in Sussex last Friday on my return journey from the wedding. I haven't had a chance to post the photos yet but here are three corners of the garden with special features in.

There will be more to follow on another day.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A Photo a Week : Vibrant

Today I am joining Nancy with her weekly photography challenge. This week the theme is vibrant so I am having a go at a few suitable pictures.
The first one that came to mind was this one that I took at the wedding last week. I love the contrast of dress from one side of the photo to the other.

Then I have chosen some vibrant flowers. This was at Barley Wood.

These malope flowers growing in my garden are very similar to mallow but a far more vibrant colour.

Then this bright dahlia is in the vegetable garden.

I think they all meet the criteria.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A Victorian Home

We have been making visits to Tyntesfield House since it was acquired by the National Trust. We were fortunate to be invited to visit before it was open to the general public. The house was in many ways much as it had been left when the last Lord Wraxall to live there died. The auctioneers had spent some time collecting items into lots so there was a large amount of house contents bundled up together. There were cobwebs of many years hanging in the corners. The staircase carpet was threadbare and the curtains were so frail they looked like they could just disintegrate.
Since then we have made regular visits and seen a gradual restoration of the house and gardens including a tour of the nurseries and servant quarters. We have hence become familiar with its contents.

 It is a while since I last looked around the house and I was in for a bit of a suprise. A lot of items have been removed and one sitting room which I always thought looked  a comfortable room to spend time has been completely stripped and turned into a games room. I hope that this is just to keep in tune with the current theme "Changing Times" which focuses on the period 1887 - 1907 when Antony Gibbs lived in the house. I would be sorry if the house remained like this and didn't embrace the story of all those who lived there.
There were however many familiar items to be seen including this perambulator and invalid bath chair.

One of the most fascinating rooms which is virtually untouched is the Billiard Room. The billiard table is almost unique and ahead of its time with a hot pipe underneath to provide heating to the table to make the balls move more easily. There are carvings on each of the panels around the edge depicting various sporting scenes such as badminton, tennis, hawking and cock fighting.

It was also innovative in having an electric score system.

I wondered whether this coat of arms name plate on front of the safe in the pantries would count as a plaque for the Summertime Photography Hunt.

There are also a number of stained glass windows around the house this being one of the finest.

No doubt we will make another visit and it will be interesting to see what changes there are next time.

Monday, 14 August 2017

A New Visitor

I don't normally post a lot pictures of our friends on my blog but this weekend we have had some special visitors. My oldest friend who I have known since we were 10 years old came to stay with her husband and her daughter's family. There has been an addition to the family since last year who we were thrilled to meet.

We all went for a trip to Tyntesfield.

Where we also met up with some other friends.

And had a bit of fun going around the house and gardens.

Monty was very tolerant of the young visitor. 

She also met the most senior member of the farm who was delighted to see her.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

A Few More

Over the last few days I have collected a few more finds which are possibilities for the Summer Photography Hunt.

1. Something Fuzzy
This plant definitely comes into that category.

6. A Pipe
Another gloriously horrible gargoyle.

Another old drain pipe.

7. The Inside of Something 
The centre of a laurel hedge feature at Nymans in Sussex.

14. Someone Fishing 
This fisherman stood up at just the right moment for me!